What does it mean to be a freelance writer?

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Countless writers have realized the lucrative industry of freelancing for multiple companies as opposed to just retaining a permanent job with one. This not only benefits the writers, but also the companies who hire them; seeing as there are more companies that need the odd writing task done than what there are companies that need a full time writer. So what does being a freelance writer entail? You may also be wondering if this is a viable industry and how flooded the market is. Let’s explore.

A dime a dozen

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Talk to any company that’s been involved in hiring a freelance writer and you’ll find out that as with other industries, good help is hard to find. True, there is a plethora of writers out there who fancy themselves as experts at something that’s ‘not so hard’, but in the end, those who are not passionate will fall away. While there are those who see freelance writing as a way to make a quick buck, there’s another group of individuals who know that their experience and substance is worth nurturing. Those who are careful to build up their reputation through steady work that’s flawless and interesting, will find themselves more and more sought after as time goes by.

Hungry for info

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A freelance writer will be asked to write from a massive range of various topics. From motor insurance to dog nutrition to card games... The trick is to have an inquisitive disposition that constantly craves information at a semi expert level. No one wants to read what they themselves can thumb-suck. A good freelance writer makes him- or herself an expert on a subject before they endeavour to educate others.

There’s a new world being formed that cannot be seen any other way than through the eyes of a screen. The internet has become the new factory where ideas, products and content are being created and shared at an alarming rate. All aspiring writers will need to adapt to the electronic writing community if they don’t want to be left behind. Print still has a long life to live, but for those who want to grow their careers in a writing direction, the World Wide Web is the place to begin. If you’re passionate about writing and thinking about stepping out into this exciting industry, don’t hesitate! There may be something that only you can contribute to the industry which no one else can.