What Are The Qualities Of A Good Freelance Writer?


Freelance writing is a very attractive skill, and it is quite lucrative at the moment. However, it is not for everyone, and comes with its own unique challenges and skill set. There are several qualities that employers want to see in professional freelancers. These include the ability to write well, and it is important for the sake of the freelancer that they are able to write quickly. Writers must be professional, and they must be able to think on their feet and be continually creative.

  • Ability to write fast and well
  • Writers should be able to write fast and write well, full stop. Freelance is a business where writers are paid by the job and the word, not by the hour. When this happens, being able to write fast is vital to make freelancing economically viable. There is a caveat to this, however. Being able to write quickly must also have high quality. Not taking as much time per word can lead to a drop in quality of writing, so it is important to have a minimum standard of writing, and having that minimum standard being high enough to impress clients.

  • Professional Qualities
  • Being professional is very important to being a freelancer. All work should be tone well, edited, and looked over. Professional standards should be followed, for example, first person may be unhallowed, or contractions or some other grammatical rules specific to an assignment may be needed to be followed. A freelance writer should do his or her best to make sure assignments are done well, without a loss of efficiency. Being courteous and kind to clients is also necessary, as there is an important social aspect to freelancing.

  • Creativity and variance
  • It is not good for a writer of any kind to repeat himself too often. Part of what makes a good writer is their ability to foster a wide array of ideas; this allows them to be successful. Otherwise, they would repeat the same ideas over and over again, and this is hardly useful for a diverse array of clients. Writers should foster creativity by doing creative things, writing down new ideas each day. Freelancers should not be afraid to go over new territory and be willing to experiment with their work, as long as they fulfill the requirements. Writers should not be too creative; it does not do to be too strange or esoteric when tackling assignments.