How Can I Get A Well Paid Freelance Writing Job

Freelance writing has a lot of allure for people who do not like to have a set routine of work, for those who prefer working from home or have no other option but to work from home, and those who enjoy writing and need a supplementary source of income.

Writing as a freelancer can be taken up as a full time career and the main source of income, or it can be part time as a hobby and for a little top up on your regular income. Either way the prerequisite is that someone somewhere should be willing to pay you for writing.

Finding freelance assignments is not very hard. All you need to have is an Internet connection with Google search feature. You will find a host of websites dedicated to bring clients and writers together. Most of these sites are free until you land an assignment, following which the service provider will take a percentage commission from your fees.

Other sites allow you to publish your work free, and you can be paid through ads etc. It is a good idea to write on these sites to display your work, but not if you are looking to earn quickly.

The toughest part; the one that is essential is actually getting the assignments you like. It is hard enough landing an assignment at all and truth be told it is a seller’s market: Too many people willing to write for bad money. With economy in the trenches it is becoming harder and harder to find clients who will pay well for your writing.

A few things that may help you bag a coveted assignment:

  • Know your strengths (and weaknesses): Bid for assignments that fall into a category you know well about, have credentials in, or have written about. This will increase your chances of winning it.

  • Approach prospective clients directly: A truly fearsome thought, but worth it. Search the companies that sell something related to your area of expertise and send them proposals stating your interest and offer. It can work surprisingly well if done right. Do not be timid, be bold, and attach a sample of your work with the proposal.

  • Be careful: Check the client’s credibility. Going through a mediator will cost you money but it is unlikely that you will encounter cheats there. If you are approaching a client then have a written contract signed with them before delivering any of your work.

  • Write well: Duh! Of course, that is supposed to be understood, but sometimes people give themselves credit for badly done writing. Have a friend or colleague read through what you have written to see how they like it. Be careful with grammar and spelling. It can ruin your writing career before it has started!

  • Have patience: Do not feel disappointed by a lack of good (or any) assignments in the beginning. The first assignments are the hardest to bag. Your mantra: Patience. Persistence. Perseverance.