Necessary things that freelance web writers should know

When you are looking to write online full time by selling or publishing your work online you can try many of the highest ranking freelancer sites.

For writing you can select from a wide variety of writing jobs including:

  • Academic writing
  • Article Writing
  • Press Releases 
  • Travel Content
  • SEO Web Content
  • Description Writing 
  • Sales Letters 
  • Ghostwriting
  • Health & Fitness 
  • Technical Writing
  • Magazine Column Writer 

When you use the most popular freelance site you must describe why you are a fit for the job at hand and you have the option of attaching previous samples. Those who post the job can either pay hourly or as a fixed fee and the funds are always held in escrow for fixed fees and guaranteed with website tracker system. This system is a program installed on your computer. When you begin working on an hourly assignment you log in and it starts taking screen shot photos every ten to fifteen minutes. These screen shots are automatically uploaded so that the client can monitor your progress. Once everything is finished payments are made.

The second most popular freelance site works in quite the same fashion. People can post jobs they have based on skills. You can select from the available writing jobs which are either fixed price or hourly.

The second most popular freelance website is very similar, as the company holds the money in their version of escrow until it is complete. The difference is that this website uses a software which at periodic moments throughout the work day—meaning, when the freelancer has logged in—to take pictures of the screen and sends them to the client so that they can see the progress the freelancer is making. No matter where you look, there are opportunities for easy money writing online.

In both instances many people want to hire someone with experience that is verifiable on the site. For every job you complete the clients can leave feedback regarding the work you did. This makes getting started a bit difficult as you need to be able to convince the client that even though you have no tangible feedback or online reputation with the site you are still the best match out of all the bids. Once you start getting feedback on the top freelance sites it becomes easier and faster to receive jobs.