Freelance Content Writer's Manual: Easy Steps To Take Looking For A Job

To be a successful freelancer, an individual has to be a good writer. More importantly, they must be able to find jobs. Marketing, networking and creating job proposals are all must-have skills for a potential writer. The only way to earn money as a writer is to work for it. To do so, the writer must locate potential clients and keep them.

Make a Personal Website

In some ways, designing a website is the easiest way to get clients. Instead of looking for potential clients, the writer can make the client find them. A website is a great way to market a skill set, advertise a portfolio and develop a brand. Although a website takes time and money to create, it will generally pay off in the quality of clients that the writer locates.

Bidding Is a Must-Have Talent

Writing is not about just sitting at a computer and creating content. To succeed financially, a writer must be good at business as well. Up to 25 percent of the writer's time will be spent finding and bidding on projects. They will need to locate potential clients, offer their services and send in a job proposal. Even when a writer finds a potential lead, they may not be awarded a job. To stay afloat financially, successful writers devote a part of each week finding and securing new projects.

Set the Scope of a Project

Once a writer does get a job, they should always let the client know exactly what the payment is for. The number of revisions, customer assistance or complete rewrites can take up hours of the writer's time. Instead of sitting through countless revisions, the writer should explain the exact number that is provided for the price.

Query Clients Directly

There are a number of freelancer websites that serve as a meeting place for clients and writers. Although these sites are a fairly good source of work, the writer should try to think beyond just a freelance website. Going directly to the client allows the writer to find better paid, more interesting work. Freelancer sites are filled with basic website content and spam projects. To get a rewarding job, the writer should figure out the industry that they want to write about. Afterward, they should draft a list of company's that operate in that industry. Using this list, the writer can send out personalized query letters for work.