Freelance writing and how it works

The process of freelance writing is really quite simple. The thing which can often make it difficult is that you are dealing with people and more of that later.

The two words freelance and writing are easy to define. A freelancer is someone who works for himself. They are not employed by a company. They are not an employee with a boss. They are the boss. And of course to define writing is very easy. It's the ability to create words which make sense and which meet the requirements of the person who's paying for them.

So there we have the world of freelance writing summed up. There are people throughout the world who need all types of words written. It could be for articles, blogs, books, advertising material, sales letters and reviews. It could be almost anything. But rather than turn to a member of staff, the would-be employer seeks to employ a freelance writer. This is a job that may only last a few hours. In fact there are freelance writing agencies which only offer work provided it is completed within four hours.

The way freelance writing operates is that the person with the need for the writing advertises, they find a freelance writer who provides the work, and then assuming the work is acceptable, the writer is paid. It's straightforward and very easy. But that’s the theory behind the operation. As so often happens in life, a simple definition is not always the whole story.

The trouble is you are dealing with people

Though when I say trouble I mean only in some circumstances. But like any aspect of business there are people who make life difficult for others. It might be that the writer, the freelancer does not provide the quality of work which the employer requires. It might be that the employer reneged on paying for the work. They can be all sorts of disputes and therefore third parties or umpires are required to sort out these disputes.

But generally speaking, by and large, the vast majority of freelance writing work goes ahead with both parties happy with the end result. There does not seem to be any end in sight for the world of freelance writing. As the Internet continues to expand so too does the need for writing. The job vacancies sign for freelance writers continues to be shown.