Tips For Newbies: Writing A Cover Letter For Online Job Application

When you are submitting a cover letter as part of your freelance job application the rules are slightly different. But this is all contingent upon where you are submitting your cover letter and with which site. If you are merely sending a cover letter to a person that your mom’s friend knows then you can craft the same type of cover letter that you would for a standard job. You can list the position you are trying to ascertain and what qualifies you for the position. You can use the chronological resume attached to the cover letter or not.

But if you are using a freelance website then things get a bit trickier. With freelancing you have many websites that are third party affiliations. These third parties offer services the same as an office HR department might or manager but they cover temporary and long term freelance jobs.

  1. Some sites ask you to upload your existing cover letter and samples or a portfolio for each job. That means you can use the same cover letter you would for a regular job. You would just scan and upload your cover letter and resume as an attachment to your online bid.

  2. Other websites do not ask you to upload the actual cover letter and resume. Instead they want a more condensed version typed into every job on which you bid. There may be a section where you list your qualifications and why you are the best pick for this job. Then there may be an additional section where you can list how you would go about completing the job.

In some cases you will find that the person or company posting the job has asked that resumes and cover letters be attached as well. In this case you want to use the standard cover letter and resume that you would when applying for a local job. Make sure of course that you cater everything to the job at hand and ensure that the name of the job is included in your cover letter and resume.

Then there are the jobs that only ask you to upload a generic cover letter and resume with your application. After you are approved to work on the website you do not need to submit a cover letter at any other time and instead have the ability to simply select the jobs that you want to do.