Tutorial To Write A Good Travel Article

Structuring a travel article

Travel writing is a vast discipline that explores the creative niche of writing. Therefore one needs to know how to write and structure a travel article. Travel article is supported by interesting anecdotes, personal association and experimental style with encounters, factual background, photographs, historical details and flashbacks depending on the style of the writer. An ideal structure to follow must answer the where, who, why, when, what and how of the travel story.

An ideal travel article must contain the following information:

  • An interesting opening to attract the reader.
  • Where is the place in the geographical set up
  • When – Must answer the season or climate while undertaking the travel exploration
  • Who- introduction of the writer/ traveller which gives answers for who
  • Giving details of reason why the trip has been undertaken.
  • How the event unfolds in the travel article and the storyline
  • A fitting conclusion by the writer connecting it with the introduction.

Some of the major points to consider before writing the travel article are:

  • Good writing style and clarity in description of the travel experience.
  • Giving strong presence to the writers personality through the article
  • Sharing of personal experience during travel in the form of anecdotes and quotations
  • Livid and vivid reporting to entertain and attract the reader to the travel article
  • Good quality writing by accurate use of grammar and syntax.
  • Proper information provided through the travel article which is close to reality
  • Bringing out fresh ideas through the travel article.
  • Personal correlation to travel experiences like adventure during travel journey.
  • A good sense of humour to brighten up the mood of the reader.
  • A travel article must offer surprise packages by mentioning unusual events and activities, interaction with people and description of strange things observed during the travel journey.
  • A good travel article must reflect through its description of a place, the cultural aspects of the place and people which distinguishes them from other places as every place has a unique culture, cuisines, lifestyle, hospitality and style of dressing etc. It must represent the truth in describing the background of the place with respect to culture, history, common beliefs of its pupil, religious and spiritual practices etc.
  • A good travel article must highlight the main information to pass on to the reader about the place, by identifying with the central theme of the article.