5 Tips On How To Get Freelance Copy-Writing Jobs From Home

Writing from home can be extraordinarily liberating but freelancing requires you to seek out your own jobs. If you fail at this you will soon find yourself without any income especially if this is the only means of earning that you have. Here are a few tips to keep you from bankruptcy if this is the path you’ve chosen to take:

Create the best possible portfolio

This method is especially important if you’ve decided to strike out using a freelancing website. There are several of these but all of them strongly recommend you complete a portfolio and include your best pieces within it. This serves two main purposes by allowing clients to seek you out and giving you something to show to potential clients that you have actively sought out for yourself.

Do consistently good work

Your name is your brand when you freelance. If you submit your copy late or with serious errors, eventually the word will get out and no one with any credibility will hire you.

Create a blog and keep it up to date

Blogging allows people who may or may not be signed up to freelance sites to get their names out there. It can serve as a secondary portfolio as well as an additional stream of income if you manage to pull in advertising revenue. This only works if you regularly post content that attracts visitors to your site.

Manage your space wisely

Working from home seems like a dream but if you don’t have space at home that allows you to write freely you may soon find yourself wishing you were in an office again. This is true especially if you have small children or relatives who think you aren’t doing anything important because you’re at home. Try to give yourself room to work so that your work gets your full attention. Clients will appreciate this.

Apply to jobs outside of your freelance site

Freelancing sites are good for finding work consistently but the better paying jobs are often located on job boards or just random corners of the internet. Put in a little extra work and you may find one that pays literally a hundred times better than the one you might have settled for. That’s not an exaggeration.

Copy-writing can become a lucrative career from home, it’s just up to you to lay the proper foundation to make that happen.