How to choose the best-paying freelance writer website

When you want to start freelance writing there are a multitude of websites out there and finding the right one on which to start can be difficult.

It can be challenging to determine the best-paying freelance writer website because so many of them are highly ranked for their customer service and their job availability. It is also challenging because the “best paying” is really contingent upon you.

There are some websites which have a cap on the amount of money they will pay per article. Others allow you to post pre-written articles for customers to browse and then buy. However these have a limit on how much you can make and the amount is quite meager. You may only make a few dollars for pre-written articles that someone eventually wants to use on their website and even then there is no guarantee. Other websites have guarantee that once you start--so long as you possess the skills to write what is asked--you can write as many articles as you want (read: make as much money as you want). The only downfall here is that these websites may not challenge you as many of the articles you will write answer pre-existing questions on the internet and are then submitted to many of the ask-style or answer-style websites that lay out a list of steps you need to take to complete tasks. In addition to not challenging you these websites also have a set rate per article that cannot be changed. So if you want rudimentary and reliable money as a freelance writer this may be a good fit.

However if you want the ability to test your skills and to watch your income levels grow then you might need to use one of the two best websites that are out there. These two sites are actually owned now by the same company but both offer hourly and fixed price jobs which are categorized based on the amount of money you can make. So if you have the skills to write large quantities of work and you want only top paying jobs then you can narrow your searches to those jobs and bid on them. If you are amenable to anything then you can browse all of the available jobs. Here there is less reliability but more of an opportunity to make higher amounts of money.