Looking for Credible Freelance Speech Writing Jobs

Looking for any freelance writing jobs can be a tricky experience. There are two main ingredients in your search. The first is finding the actual jobs and the second is understanding that you are not the only freelance writer in the world. It is a very competitive business and there are tricks of the trade which you should learn in order to improve your chances of finding work.

But when it comes to freelance speech writing jobs and credible ones at that, you need to know where to look. By using the word credible in the title of this article, the implication is that some freelance speech writing jobs are not credible. What is wrong with them?

Well they could be for any impossible task where you know nothing about the person or the topic and have little chance of obtaining enough information to write the speech. It could be because the fee being offered is distinctly poor and no matter how well you work you will not be genuinely rewarded for your efforts. So yes, you need to be on the lookout for any speech writing jobs as far as the credibility factor is concerned.

Where are these freelance speech writing jobs?

The many freelance writer websites will be the first port of call in your search. And the better websites in this area will divide the jobs they offer into sections. Looking for jobs which are marked speechwriting will be your first step. You can even use search engines to target possible work opportunities.

Of course there is always the opportunity for you to develop an online presence and promote the fact that you are a skilled freelance speechwriter. There will always be individuals, if not companies, who will from time to time want an excellent freelance speechwriter. You need to build a portfolio. You need to have samples of your speeches and letters of recommendation from the people for whom you have written.

But getting back to the online sources of credible freelance speech writing jobs; when you see a particular job, check on the bona fides of the would-be employer. Do they have a history of public speaking? Do they have a good reputation in the world of business or public speaking? There will always be a demand for speech writers. Your task is making yourself known to those who want that particular skill.