What Should I Know To Get A Freelance Writing Job

There are several truths to accept before you even begin considering a freelance writing job. For starters, how well do you know yourself?

Is this really your dream come true?

  • On the surface, freelance writing seems like a great gig. You set your own hours, your own rates, your own rules-right?
  • Not exactly. In fact, there is nothing exact or accurate about the description listed in the last bullet.
  • If you are able to control any of these aspects of freelance writing, be it setting your own hours to commanding your hourly rate, you are either very talented or very lucky. But not both, and certainly never at the same time.

Freelance work-especially writing- is many things, but free is not one of them. Freelance writing consists of full-time work, and in many respects requires even more dedication and discipline.  Down time is virtually non-existent, because you are your only source of income. Even if you are currently working on a freelance piece, you need to think one step ahead in order to stay afloat. Freelance writing offers no guarantees, no safety net, and no sympathy.  

It is almost comparable to a 9-5 job, except you are your own CEO, COO, Chairman, and foreman/boss. This requires self-discipline and motivation.

You also need to be patient, as there are thousands of other scribes competing for the so-called perks you are sure to enjoy. The reality is you will be taking on all of the responsibilities that were assigned to human resources and accounting while you had a brick-and-mortar job you reported to on a regular or daily basis. If the irony of that last point was not abundantly clear, let’s look at it from another obvious perspective: you still have to keep regular hours.  

What does that mean, exactly? Freelance writing demands you stick to a schedule, dictated either by your own constitution or one set by your client. Furthermore, realize you will be spending a lot of time by yourself. In theory, it sounds like a wonderful alternative to the rigors of commuting to and from the office, co-workers you hate, and a boss with terrible breath, but the sheen has the potential of wearing off. The irony here is how freelancing males you take on even more of the same responsibilities you left your full-time job for.