Becoming A Professional Freelance Story Writer: Helpful Advice

Choose a genre to write in

Before you embark on a career as a freelance story writer, it is sensible to pick a genre that you think you’ll be successful in. Of course, having written one or two stories in a particular genre, if it turns out that you feel you are not actually suited to it, then you can always change to another one. Alternatively, you may wish to write in several different genres, as opposed to specialising in just one.

Decide what age range you want to target

As well as picking a genre, it can be a good idea to determine which age range you’ll be best at writing for. Whether you think you will be good at writing children’s books, adult fiction or stories for teens and young adults, you need to decide who you can appeal to the most.

Novels or short stories? Play to your strengths

Another factor that you need to consider is whether you want to write long novels, short stories or something inbetween. Ideally, you should play to your strengths. If you have the patience and imagination to write long, drawn-out stories, then perhaps you should aim to write novels. However, it may be that you think your talents like best in writing shorter stories.

Ghost writing stories for clients

Once you’ve got an idea of how best to proceed, you then need to start finding ways of making it profitable. One possible solution is to become a ghost writer for other clients. There are many freelance websites that offer a wide range of writing jobs, including writing stories for different audiences and genres.

As long as you don’t mind someone else taking the credit for your work, it can be quite a lucrative business, as long as you find the right client. However, it is worth noting that some clients do not pay very well, as there is no guarantee that they will make money out of it at the end.

Self-publishing eBooks

Another option you may wish to consider is to become a self-published author. With the explosion of eBooks in recent years, it has never been easier to become an author. The costs are kept to a minimum, with no requirement to publish hard copies. Potentially, you can publish the book. As soon as it is written, however, you may wish to consider using a professional editor to check over the work, as well as a designer to produce a front cover.