Freelance Essay Writers Earn Good Money

There are many opportunities for freelance writers to make very good money. If you have a freelance company or use a third party site, there is much to be written. You can work from your home at the hours that you want to work. A few tips for freelance writing are:

  • How to Operate
  • Decide if you will operate on your own or use a third party site. Unless you have an established business with clients, you probably will want to use a third party site.

  • Third Party Site
  • At a third party site you will pay a nominal fee to set up a profile. In the profile you will include your writing specialties and your experience. Then you will begin to bid on writing jobs. At first, you may want to bid low in order to get client. The client will have a chance to rate you after you do the work. Clients will look at your bid, sample wiring, and rank and then decide if they want to hire you or not.

  • Things to Consider
  • When you bid on the job make sure you are familiar with the style of writing the client wants. Also make sure you can produce the writing before the deadline. Always try to get finished early in case the client wants edits. You should give small edits without any charge. If the client requests extensive and unexpected edits, you may wish to request extra pay. Because you signed an agreement for a set pay, the client does not have to pay you extra. You will find most clients are very, very fair when it comes to additional edits.

  • Types of Writing
  • You may have a writing specialty or be well versed in all styles of writing. Some of the possible requests might be creative writing, curriculum planning, worksheets, white papers, project planning, poetry, SEO, website content, or product description. You will learn all the writing out here, and if you are lucky you will build a portfolio of many different type of writing. The more versatile you are, the more work you can get.

  • Set Pay or Hourly
  • You and the client can decide on a set price or if you want to be paid hourly. If you are paid hourly, you will need to use the website tracker.

You can make money and be very happy working as a freelance writer!