How To Get the Most Interesting Freelance Writing Job

If you are a freelance writer, you have probably seen the writing jobs with amazing topics and great pay. These jobs always seem to go to writers who have serious amount of experience and histories of earning big money. In actuality, those interesting writing jobs do not always go to the big companies with experience and cash. They go to the writers who craft the best proposals and who have the credentials to back up their proposals. You can achieve both and get the best writing jobs, too. Here are some tips:

  • Do not copy and paste proposals: One of the worst things you can do is to write a generic proposal and use it for every job. Clients want to see what separates you from the crowd and your generic proposal will not do that.

  • Use the job description to write your proposal: Clients have a type of freelancer in mind when they write their proposals. If you notice that the language is formal and professional, that is what they want from their freelancer. A conversational proposal tends to show that the client wants someone who is comfortable communicating. Write your proposal in that same style so the client can see that you might mesh well when working together.

  • Prove you read the proposal: Some clients will ask for a keyword to be included in the proposal as proof that you really did read the description. Even if they do not do this, you should include evidence that you read the description. Your instructions will all be written, so you should prove immediately that you can actually read.

  • Build a portfolio: Clients want to see samples and the only want you can show them is to actually have them. Most freelancing sites will not allow you to take a client to your personal website until the client has contacted you, so you will want to share a few samples through the freelancing websites. Without a portfolio, your potential clients will not be able to see what you can do.

  • Proofread your proposal: This might seem like a no-brainer, but too many freelancers forget this simple task. If you make mistakes in your proposal, the client will most likely pass you by for a flawless proposal. Care to send the best when you are applying for a job.