The Key Items For A Freelance Writer: Business Cards

When you are a freelance writer you need to be able to market yourself. And the marketing responsibility falls entirely in your lap.

This can be quite challenging for new freelance writers especially those who lack any marketing skills.

It can be quite a challenge to try and explain to someone what you do for a living if you have no tangible proof. While you might have an extensive portfolio or information online you cannot whip up your internet based profile when you run into someone at a coffee shop.

And back when people worked in offices and were confined to a daily 9-5 job one of the marketing perks handled for them were business cards. Business cards were what people gave out when they were at said coffee shop meeting someone new.

Thankfully as a freelance writer you can now show that your work is legitimate and so too is your career. Freelance writers now have the ability to get business cards of their own.

When you work with one of the top two ranked freelance websites on the internet you can enjoy access to many features. Some of the most popular features include legal assistance as well as escrow protection and having all of your contracts created automatically.

And now one of the best items you get are business cards!

  • Business cards are now being automatically created using the information that is listed on your profile.
  • When you upload a photo to your online profile and have updated contact information this can all be automatically transferred to a unique business card.
  • As a member of the website you can order a set of these business cards the same as you would from any other business card company but for less money.
  • You can have a bulk set of business cards with unique information and a direct link to your user profile which you can then hand out to people you met at coffee shops or at a networking meeting.

No longer are you confined to trying to print them yourself on a text page. Now you can customize your business cards and place an order directly from the freelance platform you use. You can have the money taken from your account and the cards mailed directly to your home. It has never been easier to show off what you do!