How to Make all Companies Crave for Hiring you as a Freelance Writer

First, not every company will want to hire anyone freelancer. Why? Because every freelancer has their specialties, and what they are good at, and what they are not. So it is more of how to make every company in your field(s) want to hire you? And this is the trick. Like many fields, it takes experience to hone the skills needed. But let's work on getting the basics down.

  1. Skill Set
  2. Technique
  3. Knowledge
  4. Abilities
  • Skill Set
  • Every person has their own skill sets. This comes from learning what they are good at, and building upon them, then honing them into place. As a Freelancer, it is your job to know what they are, and how to build them up to a more effective level. A Freelance writer might specialize in Blogging and Journalism, and good at marketing. They can also lack the strength to write good academic articles. They might specialize in editing and copywriting, and be good at academic and technical writing. But lack in journalism and blogging. Or it could be any combination of these skills.

  • Technique
  • This is one area that can make a good freelance writer more wanted than another. The technique is how the skills are used. Can the writer add effective humor to their works? The way they design a layout. Everything about their skill use that makes them effective, and desirable. This is one area many freelancers spend a long time working on. Constantly developing it, and redeveloping their technique. The more they learn, the more they refine. A freelancer that does not, is one that will not have a high market value.

  • Knowledge
  • Knowledge is not just of their skills, it is a lot of aspects. A Freelancer needs to know their market. If they are a marketing expert, then they need to keep up and know what marketing trends are strong, and which are not. They need to know how to write a strong catch to their works, to draw people into reading and wanting to find out about that item. They need like all freelancers, to know how to research a subject. In their case, the item they are marketing, and how to find good reviews.

  • Abilities
  • In here are all the nuances that make good writing. Points like good grammar, spelling, and structure. If someone asked you to market a recliner, would you write; “This recliner is good because it is comfortable.” Or would you write; “This product is great for that hard day at work, where you can relax those sore muscles, and unwind.” This is what companies look for.