Looking For Freelance Article Writing Positions For Students Without Experience

Why Freelance Writing Is Good Part-Time Job For Students?

Freelance writing can be a dream-come-true opportunity for many students looking for jobs that will give them the work-study balance. In this age of digitalization, more and more freelance writing jobs for various websites are created every day. The common misconception is that- these jobs are only meant for seasonal writers. But even students without experience can apply for them.

Tips to Look for Freelance Writing Positions for Fresher-Students

  • Start Your blog
  • As you are a fresher, it’s expected that your portfolio will carry less weightage than that of your experienced counter-parts. To make-up this gap, start working on building your portfolio. The first-step would be to start your own blog. Don’t stop yourself just be writing blog entries, you should also take enough initiatives to popularize it among various social media sites.

  • Do Some Guest posts
  • Do you have a student’s magazine in your college? Can you send some articles-concerning any relevant topic in your local newspaper? These efforts will not fetch you any monetary rewards but they will certainly bring in much-needed weightage in your writing portfolio. In this respect, even winning a writing-contest (whether it’s in real life or in digital domain) can bring on the table the reliability an employer will seek in you.

  • Start Where The Barrier Of Entry Is Low
  • Undoubtedly, the internet is the first and foremost platform to look for myriads of part-time writing jobs for fresher. But do keep it in mind that as you are just starting out; you need to take small steps. There are various content writing farms in online space that required that writers to ‘bid’ for themselves. As a fresher, you should certainly avoid this and look for simpler pastures.

  • Beware Of The Frauds
  • As a first-time writer, you should also aware about the fraudulent companies out there, who can rob you off your time, effort and sometimes, money also. Ignore the farms which ask for registration fees in order to work for them for a certain period of time. Also if any company states that it will pay you only once your ‘100’ articles are published, you must avoid it like a plague.

  • What To Check For
  • Look for writing avenues that interest you by giving you the opportunity to write on your favorite topics. Also farms that offer assured flow of works which are semi-permanent of nature- fall under this category. Clients with long-term history with writers should score brownie points on your list.