Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs: Advice For Beginners

Freelance writing can be a good opportunity for people who need money but don’t want to undertake regular jobs. Freelance writing can take different forms, so practically everybody can find a job that meets their expectations, skills and specialization. Yet, if you are a beginner, you need to know several details about the job and possible job search in this area.

Freelance writing can come in two main forms:

  • rewriting, which is paraphrasing of existing texts in such a way that they become completely unique;
  • copywriting, which is composing new and unique texts from scratch.

Depending on what you can do better (rewriting or copywriting), you can find different job options. In both cases, the main thing you should do is create a portfolio that consists of your own texts that can be interesting to customers. Having such a portfolio, you can get registered at writing marketplaces online and start searching for job offers.

  1. Search for jobs at marketplaces.
  2. The mentioned marketplaces are websites where customers place their orders and writers sell their texts. If you are a beginner and have no idea about basic requirements to texts that customers usually have, try undertaking several simple orders to see whether you can handle them. After the first success, move on to more complicated ones, but don’t hurry. With time, when you gain reputation, it can happen that customers will turn to you on their own, with their offers. Marketplaces offer opportunities for both rewriters and copywriters.

  3. Search for requests from webmasters.
  4. Webmasters and SEO specialists always need content of the highest quality for websites they work with. If you can provide high-quality rewritten or unique texts that are dedicated to a certain topic, you can find high-paying jobs with these professionals.

  5. Search for jobs at publications.
  6. There are numerous online and offline magazines, journals, newspapers and other publications that require high-quality content. This is a job that requires a lot of responsibility, but it can also be quite highly paid. What you need to do is send their editors several samples of your texts that match the main line of each particular publication. As well, it’s great if you have a blog dedicated to the same subject: traveling, cooking, fashion, technologies, etc.

  7. Search for jobs with video games.
  8. Writing reviews for video games can be a great money making opportunity. If you can compose interesting and catchy reviews, this freelance writing job can make you a fortune.