Looking For Inspiration: Fresh Ideas For Freelance Technical Writer

If you are working as a freelance technical writer, the job can bring with it a certain bit of monotony. Technical data, and technical reports are not necessarily up and coming with a great deal of mystery and excitement. That being said, there are ways by writingjobz.com that you can find inspiration for new ideas or new methods of writing.

  • Inspirational Trick #1:
  • Take breaks. This seems a bit forward, but you need to make sure you are scheduling breaks. One of the best things to do if you are on a tight deadline and do not think you can afford that break, is to make the break count for something.

    For example: if you are working at home, and you have a tight deadline, but you also remember that the chairs on the patio need covering before it rains, take a break after one hour or so of work to do that. This gives you the break from the screen, gets your legs moving, and will naturally inspire creativity. Sometimes all it takes is to look out the window and making your breaks productive ones can help you work more of them into your schedule without feeling guilty, and will help you to get fresh ideas.

  • Inspirational Trick #2:
  • Another way to cultivate fresh ideas as a freelance technical writer is to take some creative writing courses. Take different writing courses to try all areas of writing at a rudimentary level. Working with different writing styles will introduce you to new tones, organizational methods, developments, language, literary tools, and topics. You may very well find a more creative way to present the information in your next piece of writing, or find the next topic for your task.

  • Inspirational Trick #3:
  • Always see what other writers are doing. This means read. Read, and then read some more. Reading will open your eyes to the same new writing styles, newest topics in the local papers, etc… Reading over new medical breakthroughs, watching TED talks, reviewing academic journal publications, all of this can really help you to find fresh ideas that might otherwise have laid dormant in your mind. You will be shocked at how easily you will incorporate the new ideas you read or the new turns of phrase.

  • Inspirational Trick #4:
  • Be kind to yourself. Never force yourself to work to exhaustion, as this will not bode well for your quality of work.