How To Find Highly Paid Freelance Writing Positions Online

Freelance is a lot of fun. You can write in your pajamas, while seated on the couch, and watching television. You can set your own hours, pick your own work, and work when you want. The jobs are out there, but the higher paying jobs may take time for you to obtain. Some clients want to pay a tiny amount for a lot of work, and those are the jobs that you do not ever want. So use our guide for finding the good work with the great pay.

Places to Look

  • Advertise online-you can advertise your craft online. If you belong to professional or social websites and media, then go ahead and post an advertisement. Make sure the ad includes your specialties, your prices, and your contact information. Advertise online for the good jobs.
  • Make a web page- make a professional web page. It will be like your advertisement, but it will also include samples, reviews, and references. It should have the correct SEO content in order to bring in the traffic. If you do not know how to create a web page then hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Join a company-join a third party company. You will pay a small fee and you will then build a profile. After that you will take a few proficiency tests to show you are qualified. All of this will take 2-3 hours. Then you can begin to look at the listed jobs. You can bid on any jobs that appeal to you. If you are hired, make sure the customer escrows the money. Then you can begin to write. You will never have to worry about chasing your money. If you are real good at your work, the customers will ask you to bid on their jobs.
  • Push for return clients- a return client is the best. You know what the customer wants, you never have to search for jobs, and he or she keeps coming back for more work. To get these people, you must do a very good job on the work you are hired to do. Always thank the client for the job and always ask if they have more work for you to do. Be smart.

Use our handy tips when you are looking for the best paying and the nicest freelance jobs online. Good luck!