A helpful guide for freelance technical writers that work online

Technical writing is not going to be a glamorous job. If you lack confidence and are intimidated by the concept of technical writing then this is the guide for you. You need to have a very basic technical background so you can proceed further. You just need to be willing to do research and be very particular detail. Be completely focused on what you are talking about and do not deviate from your path.

If you are a freelance technical writer then it is important that you already possess the following skills

  • Your words should be able to communicate, teach and instruct the reader.
  • Make the reader’s attention all yours. even if you have a rather dull topic make it as interesting as you can
  • Use the lens of your audience and judge yourself from their perspective
  • You need to acquire flawless research skills
  • Ask the right question at the right time
  • You need to determine the purpose and uses of your topic. Your readers should be well able to anticipate what you want from them to know or do once they are done reading your article or essay. You have to be as specific as possible while writing. Be straightforward and do not give unnecessary information.
  • You have to be able to know your audience well enough so you can satisfy them when they are done reading your piece of writing. What you have written must be directed towards a specific reader. Make sure to take into account their level of technical knowledge and what kind of detail would they be wanting
  • Your data should be organized. all that you have mentioned in your paper need to be well able to support your overall argument and most importantly your argument should be logical
  • Deadlines! This is by far the most important thing for any technical writer or any writer for that matter, to keep in mind. You need to meet your deadlines. Do not procrastinate. If you have something to write, and then do it in a way that your quality of work is not compromised. You should also have enough time to revise your work after you are done with it.
  • Its always best to write your summary at the end of your work because you would now have an absolute idea of what your work type is and you can easily summarize it