What Are The Main Features Of A Professional Freelance Writer

When you are breaking into the world of freelance writing there are certain skills that are desirable more so than others.

But which skills are best?

  • Skill #1: SEO tactics
  • One of the best skills is a wide knowledge of the most up to date SEO tactics. While people who specialize in SEO are available for hire a writer with a simple knowledge of how to properly incorporate keywords to find relevant keywords to a topic can be worth significantly more compared to one who has no idea what that acronym even stands for.

  • Skill #2: Flexibility
  • This is a skill required by many writers. If you are flexible in your ability to change your writing style as well as the type of writing you produce you will open yourself up to a broader world of possibilities. For example: if you are primarily a feature article writer but you can easily change your style and tone to suit a more academic piece or conduct the research needed for an eBook you will find that you have many more options for work available to you. This can ensure that you work more often and make more money when you do work.

  • Skill #3: Professionalism
  • This should go without saying but it does not. Far too many people today are creating accounts on a freelance website and then cursing out their clients or demanding money in a curt and highly inappropriate tone within minutes of sending in the work. If you have the ability to properly communicate with your clients and to be respectful and professional in your decorum it will get you significantly further compared to millions of other writers. Literally. If you are able to remain professional in your discussions you will end up getting many more jobs compared to those who are rude. If you are able to complete work on schedule without sending excuse after excuse you will get more repeat work than usual. This will all lead to increased reviews as well as more work from networking. Professionalism also means being able to look at things from the perspective of the client. If--for example--you submit something to a client and they claim that it is not what they asked for and they cannot use it and want a refund be considerate and think for a moment about how this is clearly not an affront to your abilities as a writer but is very likely exactly what they are saying. Instead of complaining to them or demanding payment simply ask if there is anything you can do to rectify the situation at hand. If there is nothing then it may be best to let it go and give them the refund. You do not want to get into a screaming match with your clients especially if you ever want repeat work from them.