How to be a good freelance writer: improving your grammar

Your brain is constantly changing, no matter your age. It is always developing new neurons and connections. You have an innate neuroplasticity which allows you to shape your brain, train it to be better all the time. There are two things you can do to expound upon this. The first is learning skills specific to an area of expertise. The second is focusing on the cognitive processes which form the foundation for everything you do. By targeting both, you can improve your ability to write articles, eBooks, and earn money from home.

Each brain is different and this is why you have to cater your development to your specific needs and goals. By training for reading and writing in the same fashion as training for a marathon you can maximize daily benefit and increase your gain.

By enhancing your brain performance through neurological development you can improve your writing skills and therefore increase your income. You can actively increase your memory, attention span, focus, and verbal fluency, all of which will help you utilize your time better and improve your writing.


Memory is an important part of being a successful writer of anything—be it eBooks or articles. While memory helps you hold on to those things you love it more importantly helps you hold on to information you need like the details of a case, names, directions, titles, and more. When people refer to “memory”, they are often referring to memory recall which is bringing to your mind raw information, such as a number. However, sometimes people have difficulty with this, better known as the tip of the tongue syndrome. When this happens, it is not a problem with recall but rather, difficulty translating the information into memory—or encoding.

  • If your cognitive systems responsible for preparing information you obtained for permanent storage in your brain fails to work properly it may be impossible to decipher the information that comes to the forefront of your mind during recall.
  • Effective long term memory requires a team of neurological processes working hand in hand. Memory remains one of the most important processes as it helps you to work with new information like new names or addresses or vocabulary. Effective encoding is what helps you recall this new information months later. There are things you can do to help this. For example, exercising your visual working memory can improve recall. This means you expand your ability to hold on to visual patterns and images. The second things you can do is exercise your ability to input new information into your working memory. This process helps your mind dynamically remove information which is no longer of use and replace it with new information that is.