Writing jobs from home – is it really the way out

Writing jobs from home are really the way out. When you write from home professionally you get the convenience of wearing pajamas while you sit on your couch and still do what you love and make money. But what kind of writing jobs can you do at home?

  • Professional
  • Professional articles are written by professionals for other professionals. The length can vary based on the content, audience, or publication from less than one page to upwards of ten pages. The language used in professional articles is specific to the profession but takes on a conversational tone that can be easily reproduced. These articles are written as if they were explaining something to another employee. In terms of references they could be in-text, compiled at the end, or not included at all. There should be words within the title that tell you the target profession. These articles are useful in that they provide information on what is happening currently within a professional field, opinions about the effects of new events, career and employment information, as well as the marketing implications of aiming toward certain demographics.

  • Scholarly
  • Scholarly articles share information that researchers have gained. There are three types of scholarly articles. The first explains an experiment which was conducted. The second reviews existing literature about a certain topic. The third is a case study whose purpose is to analyze aspects of business, society, etc…The length of scholarly articles can range between five and fifty pages and will contain highly academic language. Sources will be available in a list at the end and the title will convey the research involved. They are useful in that they provide original research, detailed information about a topic, and a list of references consulted in the research for further exploration.

  • SEO
  • SEO articles are articles which must be search engine optimized. This means they contain a certain percentage of keywords which link readers to the company. They are often short, between four hundred and six hundred words and focus on a single aspect of a service, product, news event, or anything relevant to the company. They can be posted in article directories, on social networking pages, or on a web page. The purpose is to increase back links, or links that take readers back to the original website. The title will contain a keyword related to the company. These articles can also be “filler” pieces which are short, between two hundred and three hundred words, used to fill space on a newsletter or website or article directory.