Working Remotely: Getting Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs from Home

Starting a career as a freelance writer can be a difficult task. The biggest problem for amateur writers is finding their first jobs. Unfortunately, many of them never progress past this step, and they give up without finding a good source of income.

If you do not want to follow their example, you should understand that building a career in freelance writing will take some time. You will not be able to get $100 an hour from the very beginning either, so you shouldn’t focus your search on jobs that offer these kinds of rates.

The following tips should help you establish your career and start making a living through freelance writing.

  • Start small.
  • You shouldn’t aim for the best paying jobs from the very beginning. For one, it will be extremely difficult to get them. Employers are looking for professionals, not for someone making their first steps into the business. Another reason for avoiding big jobs in the beginning of your career is your lack of experience and skill to handle them competently.

  • Build a good portfolio.
  • You should start your career by building a portfolio of articles that will attract prospective employers in the future. Taking all kinds of odd jobs will give you a chance to do this.

    Once you manage to create an impressive portfolio, finding well-paying jobs will be much easier.

  • Choose a specialization.
  • There is nothing wrong with writing on a variety of subjects. This will allow you to access numerous job offers. However, this approach will also rob you of an opportunity to build a name for yourself in one specific field. If you choose to have a specialization, working on your reputation will be easier. You will also be able to find jobs by appealing to specific companies, and attending various professional gatherings like seminars and trainings.

  • Look for the right jobs.
  • Content mills are the first place where amateur freelance writers start looking for jobs. This is not a bad option, but the opportunities of professional growth they offer are limited.

    You should seek jobs through specialized job listings, blogs, and various professional publications. Do not be afraid to contact the employers first and offer your services. They may not hire you, but they will at least take notice and will keep you in mind when the need for this kind of services arises.

  • Write a good pitch.
  • The letter you send to every prospective employer must be written with utmost dedication. You need to do some research of the business, and offer effective ways to improve the employer’s standing through your services.