How To Become A Successful Freelance Writer


Everyone and their brother seems to be a “freelancer” for something nowadays. Tweens with a blog all think they are writers. And while the requirements and decorum of the literary world are not nearly as stringent as before, being successful as a freelance writer still takes skill, time, and hard work. That being said, there are many websites today that make it much easier to get started. You can find some of the top freelance websites and join them for no cost (at the entry level). There are some sites that are specifically designed for people new to the world of freelancing (though not necessarily to writing) and there are some which have multiple fields, one of which is writing.


You are going to be uncomfortable at first. Anyone with half a sense of modesty will find the freelance world uncomfortable at first. That modesty needs to be replaced with pig headedness and arrogance (to some extent). The reason is: for every job you want, whether it is writing a single feature article for a magazine or a dozen short articles for an article directory, both of which may pay next to nothing for a beginner to the freelance world, you have to sell yourself. You have to convince the person who posted the job that out of the literal hundreds of thousands of potential applicants out there, you are the best one for the job. This is certainly no time for modesty. If you cannot be a bit arrogant and tell them that you really are “The best” or “the number one writer” in that field, you will be overlooked. Meager attempts at modesty are often overlooked.

But that rounds back to another point: if you opt to start, on your own, as part of the freelance world through a third party website, you will go through a period of being green. Whether you are a published author, highly reputable professor, or a fresh college grad, you will be considered “Green” until you can nab your first internet-based job on that site and get a review. So that being said, even if you are able to overcome the aforementioned sense of modesty, you may still face rejection most of the time. But remember that the only thing that truly matters is that one out of one million times you are accepted. That is where it all begins.