How to Work As a Freelance Writer - Are You a Blogger Or an Academic Writer?

So you want to work as a freelance writer and naturally you want to be successful. The first and major obstacle you need to overcome is to find work. Of course there is work and then there is work meaning that some jobs are difficult and offer poor pay whereas others are a challenge and enjoyable and pay well. But a job is a job is a job. While we could spend some time discussing different ways for you to improve your skills and thus improve your chances of finding more and better employment, the whole point of this article is to pinpoint your area of expertise.

In fact by doing that you are really giving yourself a much better chance of finding work and becoming more successful. What are you good at? If you don't know that your chances of success are limited. You need to be absolutely certain of where your area of expertise lies. Here we are discussing the difference between writing blogs or being an academic writer.

But surely you can be both

Yes there is a possibility that an all-rounder freelance writer will be able to write academic type articles as well as blogs. If that is you then good luck. But if you are a specialist in one area it's important that you know your strengths. You can build on your strengths. You can promote your strengths. You can find work in the right area because that is what you are good at.

So what's the difference between writing blogs and writing academic type essays? Well to start with, a blog, generally speaking, is quite short. It's the equivalent of a Tweet in the world of freelance writing. An academic writer could write a research report, a paper or eBook all of which could be quite extensive in content and detail. A blog is far more likely to be topical, to be contemporary. There may not even be a need for research before writing a blog. It could be research but not necessarily so. However, if you are writing a 20,000 word book then almost certainly you will need to spend a great deal of time on research and planning.

A lot of it gets back to what you like doing. Of course if you are much better at writing academic type material then you are at writing blogs you should go where your strength lies. It will really help if which ever path you choose, you have enthusiasm for the task. This will not always be the case but it will certainly show in your writing if you are enjoying the task at hand.