The Basics Of Effective Freelance Academic Writing For Beginners

So, you want to be an academic writer?

There is no denying that the job is tough. Not only are you required to work under a deadline, but you also have to shell out excellent quality papers/articles every time you get an assignment since someone’s grade probably depends on it. Therefore, starting out as an academic writer, especially online, is a hard nut to crack. You have to be either very lucky or very talented.

What are the basics of effective academic writing for beginners?

Of course, there is the obvious educational qualification that you should fulfil. Academic writing websites ask for people with superior quality education. You should be either a graduate or post-graduate with considerable experience and exceptional command of the English Language.

Additionally, here are some other points that you should keep in mind:

  • Keep trying: Academic websites/custom essay writing sites do not hire people quickly and easily. There are various prerequisites to be fulfilled, and most of them have grueling screening procedures. Thus, do not despair if you get rejected by one or two sites out there. Make a list of all appropriate websites and apply to all of them. You will eventually hit bull’s eye.
  • Be dedicated and punctual: Academic writing is one field where you cannot afford to be tardy, as the consequences may result in someone flunking a class. If you have an assignment, complete it well before time and allow ample time for corrections.
  • Use good, reliable sources, and make sure to credit them all: Not giving credit where it is due may result in your work being attributed to plagiarism, which will compromise not only your reputation, but also that of your client. Thus, always check your sources and quote them whenever and wherever is necessary.
  • Be an expert in your trade: If you write articles, make every word your best. If you work on research papers, make sure all of them are exceptional. Be well versed in the rules of various citation styles. This is your trade: master it.
  • Put up an exceptional portfolio: Your work speaks for you at all times. Thus, when asked for samples of your work, make sure you have an exceptional portfolio ready to be showcased. Use relevant clips to present to your client: those which may have been published are even better. The more you ‘wow’ the client and tell them you are the real deal, the more likely you will be to get a job.