Advantages And Disadvantages In Working From Home As A Freelance Writer

Freelancer writers have made a great way to earn pretty decent amounts while working from their home. For some it is a great career that offers loads of benefits while for others it stays an adjustment as they are not able to match their personal life and professional life due to varied reasons even though they are an efficient writer and can bring transformation in the world with their high level of expertise.


  1. Varied writing opportunities: The freelance writing has drawn many entrants to continue writings for magazines, book publishers, advertising agencies etc. Furthermore, the individual can also earn money on per article basis or by taking contracts via publishing companies to write articles or stories online.
  2. Flexible working hours: Writers are not bound by the time and are paid for the qualitative work they produce working based on their convenience. They can manage lot many household chores during day time and work late night hours. It has become a great way to earn money for working mothers. One can pick as much or as little work based on the preferences.
  3. Individual qualifies for business related deductions and other form of saving: You pay lesser taxes this way. You do not have to bear travelling expenses. You need not keep yourself updated all the time in terms of outfits and fashion accessories which is again another way of saving.
  4. Individual can pick the assignments based on his interest levels: However, in regular jobs, you are forced to write articles that sound monotonous to you.
  5. All the profit is yours: You are not liable it to share it with others.


  1. Training: You might require some training to work as a freelance writer.
  2. No working environment: You need to stay self motivated and self disciplined in order to work as there is no working environment for you.
  3. Work flow is inconsistent: Sometimes you might have plenty of workflow and sometimes you stay free for stretched periods. You need to search for jobs on regular basis as your services are on project or article basis.
  4. Deadlines: Deadlines are stressful and sometime you might require working 24x7 or for extended periods.
  5. Physical and mental stress: Freelancing jobs keeps you overburdened as you are pissed off between household chores and professional requirements and thereby it brings lots of fatigue and mental anxieties.
  6. No additional benefits: You are not offered additional benefits like health care insurance, PPF, bonus etc. Instead you will be paying taxes from your hard earned money.
  7. Payment is a risk: You run the risk of getting paid or not paid.